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Vicki Watts
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Delta Colorado 81416
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20464 Hwy 92
Delta, Colorado 81416
Cell: 970-640-8798
Home: 970-874-8892
E-Mail: info@jackrussell-terrier.com
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Puppy Reviews

by Vicki Watts on 02/09/16

Please write a review on how well you like your puppy you received from Colorado Shorty Jacks.

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1. Vicki Watts said on 2/9/16 - 11:00AM
Test - Test For Colorado Shortie Jack Puppies
2. Gail ebeling said on 2/9/16 - 02:33PM
We bought Paisley from Vicki over 3 years ago. What a sweetheart. She loves everyone she meets and other dogs as well. Very smart learned to sit up at 8 weeks all by herself. She watches our other Jack do it and figured she could get a treat. She loves her hugs,she wraps her paws around you neck and nuzzles. Very happy with our girl. Thanks
3. Bethany said on 2/9/16 - 02:41PM
I purchased Gretel from Vicki about 15+ months ago. One of the best decisions of my life - she is so smart, kind, friendly and such a doll. I love that Vicki rocked her, introduced her to cats, people and other dogs during her first months of life. I would highly recommend purchasing a dog from Vicki at Colorago Shortie Jacks.
4. Max and Mary Vander Linden said on 2/9/16 - 04:32PM
Hello Vickie! We bought Jaxxon ( Parker) 3 years ago after losing Lefty during neutering. I saw Parker now Jaxxon on Vickies Colorado Shorty Jacks page. Vickie was so kind to me as I bawled like a baby. She could tell I was a Jack Russell person and let me slide on anymore qualifying. We sent T - Shirts that had our sent for Jaxxon to get to know us. Upon arrival at Sac International, there was two doggie carriers. The other doggie parents were struggling to get their Spaniel out. When we opened Jaxxon's carrier he jumped into my arms and grabbed my beard. I laughed and cried all the way home. The family instantly loved him and Poncho greeted him as well. Great Pup and Vickie has been awesome. He isn't Lefty he's Jaxxon! Thanks Vickie!
5. Kari Bennett said on 2/9/16 - 04:51PM
We bought our "Colorado smart dog", Kasey, Nov. What a wonderful surprise. She is the warmest, loving little dog, thinks that people are for her and really warms our RV lifestyle. She has been the perfect travel companion and never meets a stranger. Vicki has a wonderful bunch of dogs/puppies.
6. Nicola said on 2/9/16 - 04:58PM
We just recently received Shoe-Shine (Timmy). He was flown to California and arrived with a wagging tail and in a clean crate carefully packed with puppy, sibling blanket and a bag of food. He is a very confident little lad that exhibits no anxiety. He is very happy to sleep in his crate at night and appropriately does his business outside on his schedule . I can tell Vicki socializes her pups and love loves them because he gets on well with the cats, larger dogs, rabbit and 6 year old son. I was so nervous purchasing a puppy via the internet but Vicki was very personable and reassuring in such a dear way. I can completely recommend Vicki. Her dedication and passion to the bread and her intent of creating a family dog is evident.
7. Scott and Leslie said on 2/10/16 - 07:26AM
Vicki is the BEST! Our Bentley will be 3 next month (March) and is absolutely the smartest and most lovable boy ever. We can't go anywhere without being stopped by people looking for pets and kisses and Bentley never fails. He loves everyone and adores other animals. He is our "little rock star". Vicki and Colorado Shorty Jacks come highly recommended; but only if you want the best!
8. Crystal said on 2/10/16 - 10:13AM
We purchased Cruizer (Pepper) 3 years ago. What a joy!!! Cruizer was flown to Kentucky and I remember the first time seeing him as they were bringing him to us....he was so happy to see us and is still such a happy little guy. Cruizer loves attention, is so friendly with everyone and travels wonderfully. Vicki is wonderful to work with!! Highly recommend Colorado Shorty Jacks!!
9. Dawn Beto said on 2/10/16 - 11:11AM
If you are looking for a JRT, then come to Vicki. The fact that we all come back for our 2nd and 3rd puppies speaks volumes. Vicki's puppies are raised with love from the moment they are born. She is honest and truly wants her puppies to go to only the best homes. We got our smoothcoat Doc Grady (Ginger x Elway) in Sept.2014. He is as close to a human as possible. He is loving, sweet and even emotional. We just added a little girl roughcast, Odessa ("Pooh" from Porsche x Triton) to our family in December 2015. She is beautiful with an outgoing personality. If it was practical, I would have 20 JRTs -- all from Vicki!
10. Patti said on 2/14/16 - 07:26AM
You did a great job getting the boys ready for there trip to Newark ...they arrived happy and healthy wagging their tails...not stressed at all...your were a wonderful caretaker of these pups ....they are old souls ..so mellow ...bless you ..hope you feel better.....
11. Diana Cokingtin said on 2/14/16 - 08:13AM
We got Wally (Willow X Simon) from Vickie 3 1/2 years ago and have never been disappointed. What an awesome little guy. He loves to cuddle and nap but also likes to run and play. He fits into a carrier small enough to travel in an airplane. He is the delight of many fellow travelers strolling to the gate. Even helps parents with grumpy children take notice and behave. I just have to make sure he isn't too friendly and knock over a toddler. He loves people, going to the vet and is good with most dogs. I do have watch him around big dogs that are non-alpha digs, he tries to bully them. We wouldn't trade for anything. Vickie does such a great job socialing her puppies from the very start.
12. Rick Nannen-Colusa, CA said on 2/14/16 - 06:18PM
I can't say enough about Vicki and her fabulous shorty jacks! My wife and I lost our first love Calli (Mikala/Oliver)after only a year and we were totally heartbroken. Vicki set us up with a new adorable puppy Brea (Willow/Oliver) in Dec. 2015. She is the smartest most lovable roughcoat shorty ever! Thanks so much Vicki for taking the time to show us around your place when we picked her up. We would highly recommend Colorado Shorty Jacks for an amazing Jack Russell puppy!
13. Wendy and Earl Dunivan said on 2/16/16 - 11:01AM
We have one 15 year old Jack Russell and were looking for a puppy to add to our family. I spent months looking and talking to different breeders before I found Vicki. I can't tell you how wonderful she was in answering all of our questions and guiding us through this decision. We added one of Piper's female puppies to our household in 2014. We have never had such a loving, intuitive and smart puppy. She has become a great companion to our older Jack Russell and even guides him around the yard now that his eyesight is bad. She is a love and adapted so well to our family. We have now decided to get another puppy and of course called Vicki! It is wonderful to work with a breeder who is so responsive to my emails and phone calls when I had questions. You can also tell how loved and taken care of our puppy was when we received her. Vicki has added so much joy and love to our family by these puppies! One day I am sure we will be coming to her for our third!
14. Christine Park said on 6/15/16 - 01:55PM
I met Vicki virtually in 2007.At first, we were a little hesitant about brining this notoriously high energy Jack Russell Terrier home.Vicki convinced me that shorties were laid back and she had no issues placing them even to elderly homes.So we brought this stocky smooth coat girl to our home in suburb of Chicago.We named her Cheyenne. Ever since she came to our home, she has made our life so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.When she turned 4, we decided she needed a sister. Here came auntie Vicki.This time was a girl with a little longer legs and a skinny body. We named her Blueberry.When Blueberry turned 2,you see the pattern here, right? We wanted another girl. Auntie Vicki blessed us with another stocky girl. We named her Savannah.So we are family of five. I can’t express enough how grateful we are to Vicki about early training and preparing these little girls to adapt to new homes.They are healthy,well-balanced & happy girls. If I had a bigger home, I would.. ok ok. I’ll stop.
15. Jay and Dee Splinter said on 7/10/16 - 10:47AM
We got our Mina from Vicki 4 months ago, she has brought us so much joy and happiness. She is feisty and full of energy. Vicki is the only person I will ever purchase another JackRussell from as the love and care she gives her fur babies is beyond measure. Vicki thank you again for what u do and God Bless all the babies and u. Dee
16. Donna Small-Mettler said on 8/3/16 - 01:24PM
My husband and I have four dogs from Colorado Shorty Jacks. All four came to us as puppies. We did not purchase them for breeding, just as companions. We couldn't be more pleased. Josie, our "first born" is six years old now. Jessie our "youngest" is four years old. All of our babies have brought us endless hours of love and laughter. If you are ever looking for a shorty jack, this is the place to come to!!
17. Sue Niblo said on 2/23/17 - 05:30AM
Hi Vickie. It was a year ago that Remy flew into Newark airport in his little crate and fuzzy cammo blanket. I cannot tell you the joy this guy has brought to our lives. He is a love bug who sleeps in our bed and is only happy if he is right on top of us. I have had many Jacks, and he is the best behaved of them all.If you ever have another all white, please let me know!
18. Janell Nevius said on 12/27/17 - 01:47PM
We love our little Jack Russell. His name is Reggie and he is full of life. However, we have never received the papers from Vicki. We paid for a registered Jack and I want the papers. I am hoping we can resolve this situation quickly.
19. Janell Nevius said on 12/27/17 - 01:49PM
We love our little Jack Russell. His name is Reggie and he is full of life. However, we have never received the papers from Vicki. We paid for a registered Jack and I want the papers. I am hoping we can resolve this situation quickly.
20. Audrey Nelson said on 5/8/18 - 08:17PM
We have had 3 Jacks before we got Auggie from Vicki. We were impressed with her operation and the great care she takes to maintain a good facility. I have "met" Vicki's Jacks on the trails in Boulder and people raved about them. That is when I decided when we were due for our next one it would be through her kennel. Auggie has the best temperament and is a fast learner. We could not be more pleased.

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